Exception To The Rule

Kayla Starr, born and raised in Southern California started singing at age 5. Her music is a reflection of the power and purpose it provides her. The creation and execution puts her in a state of reverie. The goal is for the listener to enter this same space of euphoric waves, the light and dark of love experienced through empathy and energies transferred.

Her evolution has led her to perform with Kanye West, Macy Gray, ODESZA, Iggy Azalea, Shamir, Rachel Platten, Sabrina Carpenter, and Marina as a background vocalist. She has also appeared on Late Night with Colbert, CONAN and Rockin’ New Year’s Eve Countdown. Her musical style is comprised of multiple genres, complemented by her classical training. Knowing the rules and history of music allows her to play with them and create a multifarious sound. Her recent compositions stem from a dinner party overhearing a song called Paradise Circus by Massive Attack. The song’s play between heavy instrumental beats and angelic vocals moved her, in their dichotomy she saw herself.

As a solo artist, she came out with her first EP “Salutation” featured in Afropunk. It’s a piece reflecting the spectrum of emotions surrounding her relationships. Her new EP, “Exception to the Rule” is an evolution of how she reflects. Each new sound is inspired by a new experience. This new cinematic sound includes electronic broken beats mixed with an alternative pop twist. While tastefully blending genres, each song is noticeably Kayla. 




Photographer: Aaron Miller

Artist: Kayla Starr